Equipe Hempense scaled
Who we are


Hempense was born from the sum of knowledge of friends with years of experience and training in the areas of biology, chemistry and biochemistry with the common goal of helping people to understand the health benefits of cannabis and to rethink the use of this plant. millennial.
In 2020 we were one of the startups in Maranhão approved in the national Centelha program, a program whose main objectives are the generation of new technology-based companies and the generation of innovations that are of social and business interests. Even in a political and social scenario not favorable to the theme, we were the first cannabis startup in Brazil approved and created in a public program to encourage innovation.


Since then, Hempense has been approved in several other programs, with Inova Amazônia and Catalisa o ICT being the most relevant and which have enabled a significant evolution of our business. Within Inova Amazônia, a SEBRAE program in partnership with accelerators, we were able to develop an exclusive patent for cosmetic compositions composed of cannabinoids and Amazonian fruit extracts capable of generating various dermocosmetic products, which is currently under international negotiation. At Catalisa ICT, a program also run by SEBRAE with support from FUNDEP, we were once again the only approved startup in Maranhão and the only startup that has a business scope related to cannabis.

With several national and international partnerships, today we have several R&D projects and development of new products and technologies both on demand and for internal projects.
In an acceleration phase, we are constantly evolving in our mission to rethink the use of cannabis and for that we are always innovating and discovering the best ways to use cannabis in our favor.